University Seminar – Preparing the next generation of Creative Leaders

Posted on 15/09/2017 by Daniel Roney

  This week we conducted our first seminar at Rangsit University in Bangkok. It was our pleasure to be invited by the Faculty of Arts and Design to provide their final year design students with an insight into career pathway…
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Workshop at Rangsit University

Meet Our Intern

Posted on 14/07/2017 by Kulika Supcharoen

  After six fun months in our Bangkok studio our intern, Slate Werner, is heading home to San Francisco. It’s been a pleasure to have him in Bangkok working closely with our team. Over this period he was exposed to…
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Meet Our Intern

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Artisan® Launch – A New Way to Grind Salt!

Posted on 17/05/2017 by Daniel Roney

  Mark Zoske and Naomi Novotny, the founders of SaltWorks, know salt and have  spent the last 15 years building one of the fastest growing gourmet brands in the US. They now offer the largest selection and finest brands of…
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Design Thinking – Attracting Talent in Asia

Posted on 25/04/2017 by Daniel Roney

  We recently conducted a Design Thinking Seminar in our office in Bangkok. It was our first and the start of something new at DETEKT. The importance of engaging with the society we are immersed in has never been as…
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World’s first – In-cab Experience Console for Ride Sharing Economy

Posted on 09/02/2017 by Daniel Roney

Worth over $5B Ola Cabs is India’s version of Uber.  Armed with $500M from a capital raising in late 2015 they are charging ahead introducing new products and services to harness their bustling home market. The race is on and…
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