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Pocket Security – it’s finally here!

Posted on 06/08/2015 by Raisha

Can you remember the time you last lost your mobile phone or wallet? It’s not just a male thing. Rewind back to the exact moment and recall the feeling. Remember what it was like to wait on the phone while…
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pocket bungee DETEKT

The smart soap dish – on Kickstarter

Posted on 29/09/2014 by Chadanuch Pomankul

A few weeks ago we posted about a new smart soap dish invented by Keith. But it’s not “smart” in the sense of including tons of electronics and sending messages to your smartphone. The Soapdish is “smart” as it’s a…
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Simon – the world’s first smartphone

Posted on 19/08/2014 by Chadanuch Pomankul

Technological progress and innovation have been happening at such a pace, it’s sometimes hard to look back and find out where it all started. Take one of our most favourite toys nowadays – the smartphone. No matter whether it’s an…
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First Smartphone

Now, that’s what I call a smart product

Posted on 13/08/2014 by Chadanuch Pomankul

At DETEKT Design we come in touch with countless innovations and new ideas every day. I previously blogged about the new “smart devices”, some of which aren’t so smart as they completely fail to understand the user. But once in…
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Smart Helmet

A Product Design icon turns 35

Posted on 02/07/2014 by Chadanuch Pomankul

On July 1, 1979 a product went on sale that changed forever how we consume music. The Walkman. It is hard to imagine now in 2014 that there was a time you left your house without the option to listen…
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