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Artisan® Launch – A New Way to Grind Salt!

Posted on 17/05/2017 by Daniel Roney

  Mark Zoske and Naomi Novotny, the founders of SaltWorks, know salt and have  spent the last 15 years building one of the fastest growing gourmet brands in the US. They now offer the largest selection and finest brands of…
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Design Thinking – Attracting Talent in Asia

Posted on 25/04/2017 by Daniel Roney

  We recently conducted a Design Thinking Seminar in our office in Bangkok. It was our first and the start of something new at DETEKT. The importance of engaging with the society we are immersed in has never been as…
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Is this device revolutionising the computer industry?

Posted on 13/11/2014 by Chadanuch Pomankul

For IT savvy people life was simple a few years ago. You just had one computer. That was it. Some of us had a laptop and a desktop but mostly one device would do it. Starting from 2007 when the…
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The death of the tablet market?! – continued

Posted on 22/10/2014 by Chadanuch Pomankul

Five months ago I posted about the “death of the tablet market”. And it seems it happens sooner than we thought. Apple announced its quarterly earnings last week. iPhone sales figures weren’t surprising – they sell like hot cakes. What…
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126 Death of the tablet

The smart soap dish – on Kickstarter

Posted on 29/09/2014 by Chadanuch Pomankul

A few weeks ago we posted about a new smart soap dish invented by Keith. But it’s not “smart” in the sense of including tons of electronics and sending messages to your smartphone. The Soapdish is “smart” as it’s a…
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