How to invent a product II – How to get a Product Idea?

Posted on 18/07/2014 by Chadanuch Pomankul


Sidearm Graham Gooch

New product ideas and innovation can occur at the strangest of times.

In Frank’s case it was during a walk in the park.

Frank saw people throwing tennis balls for their dogs. Some of the dog owners used a device that allowed them to grab the ball from the ground easily once the dog returned it. By using this device, dog owners assured their hands stayed clean of the dogs saliva.

Frank saw the device and had an idea.

The law of physics say that if you increase the length of an arm, the overall force applied to the ball also increase. Not only did the device allow dog owners to keep their hands clean, it also allowed them to throw the ball over a bigger distance.

Wouldn’t that be a great product for practising cricket?

A cricket fanatic, Frank went home and sat down to do his research. There were a number of products on the market for cricket training (including automatic ball throwers) but no product was easy to use.

Frank decided to change that. The idea for the Sidearm was born!

He searched for “Product Design” on the internet and found DETEKT Design.

The project took off pretty much immediately. The first designs were delivered days after Frank contacted us. The engineering was finalised within a few weeks and Frank went ahead producing prototypes with the 3D CAD files he received from u.

The prototypes nailed it! Frank showed them to some professional cricketers who were really, really impressed.

Frank and DETEKT worked together to bring this product to market. Packaging was designed and produced, the optimal material for the sidearms was chosen and production kicked off.

Just four years after the first production, the Sidearm has already been sold more than 30,000 times.

It’s even been used by one of the world’s most famous cricketers – Graham Gooch.

So if you’re wondering how to get a product idea – a walk in the park is a good start. And if you want to know more about the Sidearm – you can find it here.


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