Now, that’s what I call a smart product

Posted on 13/08/2014 by Chadanuch Pomankul

Smart Helmet

At DETEKT Design we come in touch with countless innovations and new ideas every day. I previously blogged about the new “smart devices”, some of which aren’t so smart as they completely fail to understand the user.

But once in a while there is a product that makes you open your mouth and stand in awe.

The smart helmet made by Skully is such a product.

Maybe that’s because I ride a motorbike myself. So I understand why this product is such a great idea.

So let me explain what this product is all about.

The Skully helmet is a motorbike helmet packed with the latest technology on the market. A rear-view camera, a GPS module, I suspect it also includes Bluetooth so you can connect it to your mobile phone and more.

And the coolest of all? All this information is displayed right in your helmet. On the vizor. You never need to take your eyes away from the road, it’s all available in your view.

Why is that helmet such a great invention? Because it allows you to keep your eyes focused on the road ahead. You don’t need to move your head to see what’s behind you.

For those of you who don’t ride motorcycles: we riders are always concerned what happens behind us. If you’re driving a car and some idiot behind you crashes into you, you’ll have a stiff neck. If that happens to me on my motorbike chances are high that I’m seriously injured or dead. Even if the car behind me is travelling at moderate or low speed, on a motorbike you’re not protected.

So better understanding your surroundings, like this helmet does, will improve security for all riders.

I’ve been thinking what other cool stuff I would do if I had been working on the Skully.

First I would include an accelerometer that can detect crashes. In the event of a crash, the helmet can automatically inform the police and ambulance. As a GPS is included, the detailed location can be provided immediately.

Additional sensors can monitor the air quality inside the helmet. If you’re on two wheels, especially in polluted cities here in Asia, you need an oxygen treatment after a ride. A helmet with built-in filters or at least sensors that measure the air quality would be a real benefit and increase awareness about air pollution among riders.

You can purchase the Skully through the IndieGoGo campaign. I’m tempted, I can tell you that….


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