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Posted on 18/05/2012 by Raisha

It’s an era of intense competition. Everyone, no matter whether it’s a huge organization or a small company is competing with each other to be THE BEST. So, how do you choose the best product firm that provides all the services you are looking for? How do you benefit from this competition?

Well, it just requires a bit of homework.

The first and foremost thing that you need to do is “self analysis”.

What does that mean?

A product design company will work with you and will make sure to meet all your requirements. But before that you should have a basic idea of what you need, what is the scope and goal of your project, what is your anticipated budget, details of each of the items you want to get designed, and much more.

After you list down all your requirements, it will be easy for you to evaluate different design firms. A professional design firm will respect the fact that you are taking your project seriously, and will ask you all questions related to the information you gathered.

To evaluate Product Design Consultancies on the market you can generate a list of all the design firms you came across based upon their strengths and weaknesses. This is one way to find a design consultancy that matches your needs.

You can also compare different design firms and list down what you like and what you don’t like about that firm. Check their referrals and find out what products they’ve done in the past.  Some firms are better suited for taking a project from start to finish and others are more inclined to work from an existing concept that is provided by the client.

After you come up with your list, shortlist two to three design companies that you like the most and which suit your project. A great help during the short listing is the company’s portfolio that will be on their website.

Ideally the portfolio will show you a large variety of products that the company has done before. But the product portfolio is not the only thing. A reputable Product Design Consultancy will present their team on the website and this is a valuable insight. After all, you want to know whom you’re dealing with when designing your product. Make sure you’re dealing with professional designers and engineers. If they also have other experts that can contribute to your project needs, it’s even better.

The company’s location is also important. A Product Design Consultancy in Asia, just like DETEKT, can put you in touch with manufacturers’ right after the design is finished.

Finally, ask all Product Design Companies that you shortlisted for a formal proposal that address the unique needs of your project. Evaluate each item mentioned in the proposal carefully and ask the Product Design Firm to explain it carefully, don’t be shy. Your evaluation should be based upon how clear the information is in the proposal, how they present the proposal to you and whether it meets your needs. When you have finished this you will be ready to make a decision.

Good luck with your search! If you need more advice please feel free to contact us anytime.










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