Client involvement during the Design Process

Posted on 11/05/2012 by Raisha

“Will I be involved in the design process?” is a frequently asked question by our clients. Well, what do you think? Will we disappear from the scene for four weeks before coming back with mind-blowing design without consulting you? Of course not! We include all clients in the design process!

At DETEKT Design we make sure that you are involved from the very first step. We thoroughly discuss the project and encourage you to provide us with your plans and objectives. We discuss each of the stages, starting from Product Analysis and ending with the Prototyping. And throughout the project we keep in touch with you via Skype, telephone and email on a regular basis.

Once you have accepted the proposal for your development we go ahead to develop your product. We do not simply close the door, as we mentioned above, and simply get back to you at the end of the project with a single solution. The Design Process is incomplete without ongoing relevant communication from you and this is very important. During the design process, especially in the early stages when the strategic direction is being set, the client needs to approve certain milestones before work continues. Keep in mind it is equally important that your knowledge and experience is used throughout the project, as no doubt you will have many ideas, some good, and others…well, not so good, and suggestions that will contribute to the outcome.

The process continues as outlined until we have taken your project all the way through the various stages of development and you have something in your hands that you can call your own.  It is worth commenting that the level of client input does vary along the way, typically beginning with frequent communication at the start and then easing back to a sporadic level (commonly weekly) particularly during the engineering stage prior to prototyping.  It is a journey well worth joining and it is rare that successful products are developed in isolation!




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