Is this device revolutionising the computer industry?

Posted on 13/11/2014 by Chadanuch Pomankul


For IT savvy people life was simple a few years ago. You just had one computer. That was it. Some of us had a laptop and a desktop but mostly one device would do it.

Starting from 2007 when the iPhone was introduced things changed for the masses. Granted, Blackberries have been around for a while, but the iPhone and Android brought mobile computing to the rest of us.

And then the tablet hit the market.

Nowadays, you might have a laptop, desktop, phone and tablet. And some of us are looking back to the time when one computer did the trick.

The guys at Idealfuture thought the same. And came up with an intriguing product.

Meet the Dragonfly Futurefon. A laptop, a tablet and a smartphone – in one product.

This device consists of two seven inch screens and a keyboard that acts as a docking station. Each of the two screens is in itself a computer.

The screen on the right can be taken of and used on its own. In that case, it’s like a normal (albeit very big) Android phone (or phablet) running on a Snap Dragon processor.

The screen on the left is fixed to the keyboard and runs on a Intel Core i7 or i5 processor. With that amount of power, you can run Windows 8.1 or Android.

Both screens can be used independently or together. For instance, use Windows on the left while using Android on the right. Or you use Windows on both screens with a two-screen setup. Alternatively, you can also run Android on two screens.

The whole product can be folded together so it’s very compact to carry around.

Don’t be mistaken though, this product is indeed a proper laptop featuring SD card slots, USB connectors and a touchpad.

You can purchase the device through Indiegogo, the campaign is still running for a few days.

Will this device change mobile computing? We don’t know but we really love the amount of energy and innovation going on here.

(Disclaimer: DETEKT Design is neither involved in the development of this product nor does DETEKT Design hold any stake in the company. We simply think it’s an intriguing concept.)

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