Electronic Product Development In China?

Posted on 29/05/2012 by Raisha

“Why China”, you might ask yourself. Well, the question is – where else?

There has certainly been a great deal of speculation lately regarding the rise of electronic product development in China. China’s development has been breathtakingly fast. She has the second largest economy after the United States and a country where foreign brands fight to enter the market in search of growth opportunities. The electronics industry has been crucial to China’s growth and development turning China into a manufacturing powerhouse that now assembles two-thirds of the world’s electronic products.

Other than this, China has been able to develop itself in various fields. They have improved technical skills, feature an educated workforce and have made large investment in manufacturing capabilities. The result: Most of all electronic products – from your computer to your iPad or your printer – are assembled and partly produced in China.

With this in mind it is not hard to understand the benefits of doing your product development in China in conjunction with the supply chain? If you design your product in a Western country you will always have the problem that it might not be optimized for China electronics manufacturing. Don’t get us wrong, there are awesome designers and engineers in western countries, but what can be designed and what is most feasible are two different things.

If you want to see dramatic cost savings for your electronic products you need to integrate the development with Chinese electronic components. The most effective way to do this is to complete your electronic product development in China where your product can not only be developed but components also sourced efficiently.

DETEKT Design has in-house electronic product development capabilities.  We’ve been working with many clients to specify, design, engineer, prototype and manufacture their products in China. We offer you a package of low-cost, quality and on time delivery of your products. If you are currently looking for the best and trustworthy partner in Asia for the development of your electronics, get in touch with us to see how we can support your specific requirements.



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