Engineering – Time for the Boffins to Take Over

Posted on 15/12/2011 by Chadanuch Pomankul

So here is where we are so far

  1. Product Analysis – We know what you want
  2. Concept Design – We know how it should look
  3. Engineering – Let our geniuses take over and work out the finer details
  4. Prototype – Create a real-life hold-in-your-hands version

Having successfully conducted Product Analysis and Concept Design it’s time for the boffins to take over.

What will be done in the engineering? During the concept design stage we presented stunning renderings for your new product. But in the design stage we just go wild with ideas, but of course keeping them realistic and feasible. We haven’t established the exact measurements yet. We don’t know whether the product should be 2mm or 3mm thick. You might not think it’s too big of a deal, but in Product Design it can be a major difference.

During the engineering stage we establish all details that are needed to produce your product. We specify the correct material, the wall thicknesses, correct measurements, tolerances, special requirements as well as the surface treatments.

At the end of the engineering we present a 3D CAD file which you can review on your computer in the office or at home. This is the first time you will see your actual product right in front of you on a computer screen. You can rotate it around, zoom in, zoom out, focus on different product parts (and hide the others) and much more.

The 3D CAD file is also a nice way to impress potential investors or keep the other people involved up to speed. It is a great way to communicate where the project is up to and all the features that make up your product.

There’s only one thing that can make a potential investor look more stunned than a viewable 3D CAD model – that is a physical product. And that’s what we do in the next and final stage – Prototyping.





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