How long will it take?

Posted on 31/08/2012 by Chadanuch Pomankul

One of the most frequently asked questions before the project starts is: “How long will it take?”

That’s a very good question. And actually we don’t have an answer to this. Now, that sounds a bit strange, doesn’t it? After all, we’re supposed to develop your product and we don’t know how long it will take?

Unfortunately it’s true. You see, the timescale of any project depends on the amount and complexity of work required.

If the product is complex to design and engineer then obviously it will take more time to develop, manufacture and reach the market and vice versa. Getting a new product on the market is not easy. It requires a good deal of thought and planning.

Today everyone wants their product to stand out in the market. In simple words, they want their product to be unique in some particular way. Your products also have to stand out compared to other products that have already been introduced in the market as well. Naturally, a unique product will require a longer time to design, engineer and develop compared to a product that’s already in the market.

Now, we said it’s almost impossible to estimate the time-to-market for a new product development. But what we can do is to estimate each project stage. As soon as we have received all project details and requirements we will provide you with a project proposal. The project proposal will outline an estimated timescale. These timescales are based on previous experience with projects of similar complexity and also on your response time during the process.

The first step in the Product Design Process is the Product Analysis.  During the Product Analysis we conduct a thorough investigation into your Product – from a design and engineering perspective.  The Product Analysis covers every aspect of your project and is designed to make sure you and we understand exactly what you want to achieve. We typically estimate two to three weeks for the analysis part.

Second step in the Product Design process is Concept Design, which includes the development of concept sketches, data collection for the engineering of a product, etc. It will take around three to four weeks, depending on the products complexity.

The Engineering, which includes design refinements and the engineering development, will take around four to six weeks to complete and typically any additional two to four weeks if electronics is required. Within the engineering we make sure that the design will function, is fit for purpose, easy to use and most importantly from a commercial point of view, easy and cost-effective to manufacture.

The final development stage involved Prototyping to make sure that your new product works well and is ready for tooling and production. Prototyping is done after the engineering is approved by you. We help you to build prototypes that will meet your requirements. This process will take about three weeks to complete.

Once the prototype is completed the manufacturing drawings are prepared the product development is done. Now, all we have to do is to start the machines and churn out your product.


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