Ladies – where are you?

Posted on 28/11/2013 by Chadanuch Pomankul

Women inventors

We recently went through all our ongoing projects and enquiries. We work a lot with multinational corporations but also with entrepreneurs that have an idea and seek our help with development.

This time we had a close look at all projects that are ongoing with entrepreneurs. And you know what? Most of them were male. I guess it’s fair to say that more than 70% of start-up developments we’re involved with are with guys.


Honestly, we have no idea. Are women less creative? For sure not! Just check out this link. You see that a LOT of innovations were done by women.

The first compiler, which translates written language into computer gibberish, was invented by Grace Hopper. She also invented the term “bug” which is still in use today.

The circular saw was invented in 1813 by Tabitha Babbitt.

Stephanie Kwolek invented a new durable fabric – Kevlar. It’s used nowadays in bullet proof vests and protective motorcycle apparel.

And Sara Blakely invested Spanx. She invested USD 5,000 and built a USD 500 million company.

We could go on….

So why are there so few female inventors out there? Are you too shy?

Please don’t be! Stop worrying and thinking about your idea! Just share it with us and let’s develop it together! Get in touch with us!



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