Mobile phones – who will win the OS fight?

Posted on 03/07/2013 by Chadanuch Pomankul

Firefox OS

Mobile phones. Every one of us has one. It can be the latest iPhone, a Samsung Galaxy or just a 20 bucks phone that can “only” talk and send SMS.

Looking back 10 years, the mobile phone industry has experienced huge changes.

Back then, Nokia, Ericson and Motorola were the big players.

Today, no one talks about these companies anymore.  Nowadays it’s Apple, Samsung, HTC and a few others.

And when it comes to the software and the Operating Systems (OS) that power these devices, there are just two alternatives – Apple’s iOS or Google’s Android which powers the devices of Samsung, HTC and others.

From a customer point of view this isn’t good news though.

You can only choose between iOS and Android. That’s called a “Duopoly” and isn’t the best for innovation.

But there’s a third option now. And this third option has the potential to make a big change. For customers, device makers and also for inventors who want to design and manufacture their own devices.

It’s Firefox!

Yes, Firefox. Mozilla, the creator of the Firefox Browser, created a new entirely operation system for mobile phones – Firefox OS (link to:

And Firefox OS is a completely free open-source that can be customized by anyone! It’s based on HTML 5 so any web developer can write apps for it.

At DETEKT we’re really interested to see how Firefox OS will impact the smart phone development. The first phones are already available – for just below USD 100 without any contract!


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