So why do I need a smartwatch? Because I think I don’t!

Posted on 10/02/2014 by Chadanuch Pomankul


Every technology or gadget blog out there is talking about one thing – smartwaches and wearable technology devices.

Apple is said to be working on one. Samsung released a smartwatch last year. We also have Pebble and Cookoo smartwatches.

I happen to own the Cookoo smartwatch and after a few weeks of usage I need to ask the ultimate question: W H Y ! ! ! ? ? ?

Maybe it’s just me getting old. I just can’t see the point of a smartwatch. The Cookoo basically just beeps and flashes if I receive a call, text, meeting alert, etc. Now, that was quite fun during the first two hours I used it.

Starting from the third hour it became annoying! It constantly reminded me about meetings, texts, etc. Some stuff I knew anyway since I was sitting in front of my computer with the phone next to the screen. It would’ve been nice to restrict the smartwatch alerts to private calendar events but unfortunately that didn’t work. So it beeped away the whole afternoon – then I switched it off.

After two weeks I still haven’t switched it on. So I just used my old “dumb” watch which I like better.

So does that mean all smartwatches are useless? Or that we never need smartwatches in the future?

Not at all!

It just means, that companies have to figure out a better way to make use of wearable technology.

Put it this way. If I had told you eight years ago that we all walk around with pocket computers (because an iPhone or Android phone is nothing but a pocket computer) playing games, reading the internet on the phone you might’ve told me that “normal” people don’t need it. That it’s a gadget for geeks or business people.

And in fact, until 2006 that was true. Blackberry and Palm Handhelds were a thing for technology lovers and managers. Then Apple came out with the iPhone and Google with Android. Suddenly, everyone became aware how convenient it is to have Google Maps at your fingertips, check your emails on the go and browse through Facebook.

And I reckon the same might hold true for smartwatches.

Unfortunately, many companies (and Samsung with it’s useless smartwatch is one of them) consider a smartwatch to be a smartphone with small screen. And that’s plain wrong.

You see, it’s not difficult with the available technology to produce a wearable technology device. The electronics, the parts and the software is all available. (battery technology remains a challenge though).

But W H Y shall we consumers use a smartwatch? For what?

So before going ahead and producing sleak looking smartwatches, maybe companies should ask themselves this question. What is the average guy doing with a smartwatch? Why does she/he need it?

Here’s my personal wish list. I hope someone at Apple or Samsung reads it. A smartwatch should:


1. Show me the time! Yes, I might be old fashioned, but I would like to see the time.

2. It should offer time related functions such as a stop watch, multiple time zone support.

3. How about integrating a blood pressure / pulse measuring capability. That would come in handy for my running.

4. While we talk about running. A GPS device can track my route and speed. But please don’t upload my data to your servers!

5. I would like to use it as an MP3 player – that would be brilliant.

6. I really don’t want to use it as a phone. I just don’t.

7. Please spare me from stupid calendar appointments and invitations. They are on my phone and computer and belong there.

8. I also don’t need to access my 2,000 contacts in my address book.

9. Nor do I need to know when an email arrives in my mailbox. There’s one every five minute anyway.


So companies out there, surprise us!

And if someone of our readership has figured out how to make a smartwatch, please get in touch with us. Our Product Design will blow your mind!

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