Product Design – Plastic, the coolest material ever invented

Posted on 15/07/2011 by Chadanuch Pomankul

For centuries humans have been working with wood, stones, gold, silver and bronze. And then they invented a material that changed humankind like nothing before – plastic!

Yes, we’re talking about plastic. The cheap stuff. We’re talking about Lego parts or your toothbrush. Your fridge, your car, the aircraft you travel in, the iPhone you use. All these products are either completely made out of plastic or need plastic to function. If you think of the industries that use plastic for their products, the list is probably endless.

To design a product in plastic material your Product Design Company needs to be familiar with plastic design and plastic manufacturing.

For a good plastic product / industrial design, it is imperative to begin with quality components. Best results can be achieved with injection molded parts when the following points are taken care of:

  • The wall thickness must be uniform throughout the part. This will minimize warping, sink marks, residual stress, and will improve mold fill and how quickly the parts can be pumped out.
  • Generous radius must be used at all corners so that parts are ejected from the mould easily.
  • Parts should include a draft angle. This angle allows the newly produced parts to be removed easily from the mould.
  • Ribs or gussets should be used to improve part stiffness and strength. This avoids the use of thick sections. You’ll save on part weight, material costs, production time and the issues mentioned in the first point above

A product design consultancy that specializes in plastic industrial design understands these techniques well and uses the best design prototyping, for superior output. The specific requirements stated by the client are fully understood before choosing the most apt method to develop plastic products.

At DETEKT Design, we place maximum emphasis on total quality management to deliver the best results for plastic product design. Our international design team has a proven track record with smart iPhone case design and Apple accessory design. Our experience of more than 7 years has given us the ability to make strong inroads into the global market with our groundbreaking product design, industrial and engineering service. We produce premium plastic parts in the most environment friendly manner and offer only the best to our customers.

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