Product Design in China

Posted on 15/08/2012 by Chadanuch Pomankul

China Product Design

“In China???” might be the first words coming to your mind. After all, isn’t China just ruthlessly copying products from Western companies?

We don’t deny that product piracy does exist in China, often on a large scale. But that’s the case in all developing countries. Once a country becomes innovative itself, it’s a different story. And China is just doing that.

China has been and is still growing tremendously quickly. Growth just slowed this year to “only” 7% to 8%. “Only”….

Millions of products are already produced in China. Now many products are also being developed in China.

Eventually “Made in China” might become “Designed and Made in China”. And it is not hard to understand why.

China has made massive progress in terms of “Human Capital” (we don’t like to talk like economists, but that’s how they call it). Basically, that means how smart your population is.

Three or four decades ago, a university education was limited to a fraction of a percentage. Now, more and more young Chinese go to university.

On the other hand, production is leaving Western countries to Asia. But so is the know-how of how to produce stuff.

What happens is the following: Nice designs are being made by Product Designers in Western countries. They are sent over to Asia to be manufactured. And then the factory will say: “It can’t be produced because the form is too complex, there are no draft angles, etc.

Typically, in that situation we at DETEKT are called to help.

China is our Design for Manufacture (DFM) center where the manufacturing team is based. Our designers and engineers have years of experience in “design to manufacture”, making brilliant designs that can be easily produced on a big scale here in China.

So don’t be surprised if you hear someone talking about “Product Design in China”. Manufacturing is based here already, the design and engineering part is following.

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