Product Design: Where do I start?

Posted on 09/05/2012 by Raisha

You have a good product idea. But you don’t know what to do after that. What steps to follow to continue with your idea and bring it to life?

The truth is, there are no fixed steps. Some people prefer to design the product first, others will do market research and manufacturing feasibility first. There’s no right or wrong. The choice is yours. There are no specific criteria saying you must start at this step or you must continue with another step. Actually, there are many possible starting points but overall it all depends on the dynamics of your project.

All Design Companies have their own process, which they follow to meet their client’s needs. At DETEKT Design we follow six stages from Product Design to Manufacturing. Over the years we have found following this process leads to the best results for our clients. The stages are:

1. Product Analysis
2. Concept Design
3. Engineering
4. Prototype and Manufacturing Documentation
5. Tooling Management
6. Manufacturing

All of these steps in the process have their own importance and needs to be followed one after another for the best final result. However, sometimes you already have the appearance design and just need the engineering and prototyping. We can also do that. Before kicking off the engineering we will do a thorough investigation on the steps you have already completed. After this we continue to work together on the remaining stages.

DETEKT Design also offers free consultation services to anyone who is interested or looking for some advice for their design and product ideas. Our consultation services include evaluation of designs, engineering and manufacturing. It also involves in-depth assessment of the products so that we will know exactly what you are trying to achieve. We make sure that our clients consider each step involved in Product Design carefully and receive the best advice on how to proceed with their design and product ideas from professionals.

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