What it takes to be a Product Innovator!

Posted on 31/03/2016 by Daniel Roney


Being a product innovator in 2016 requires a range of skills and qualities. The big question of course is what are they?

This topic is a continuous discussion at Detekt, as we have the opportunity to speak to a broad range of innovators from all over the globe on a daily basis. Learning about the business opportunities they have identified and how it came about is a valuable insight and something that has shaped our understanding. This continues while we work through the product development process with them, taking what they have and working towards a commercial success.

What is it about this select group that separates them from the rest? What drives their innovation and sets them on this path to create something new?

If we think about the product development process and the skills that are required wouldn’t it make sense that they were designers, engineers or individuals that have been involved with manufacturing during their working life?

What we have found over the years is that while all of these factors do have an influence that there are some specific qualities that ring consistently. In particular three that we believe are critical in the make up of a Product Innovator.

Three qualities of a Product Innovator:

  1. Commitment: Ready to take on challenges and adapt along the way
  1. Knowledge: Understand their product and end users with confidence
  1. Urgency: Driven to succeed with the end goal in focus and the clock ticking

Over the next few weeks we will be digging deeper into these three qualities and uncovering more details on each. We hope by sharing what we have learnt will help to create awareness of the special nature of Product Innovators so that as a society we can encourage these individuals.

If you have anything to discuss please get in touch.