What it takes to be a Product Innovator – Knowledge!

Posted on 12/04/2016 by Daniel Roney


After some great feedback and response to our article last week, on the quality of Commitment, we are ready to move on to the next, it’s Knowledge! Well that sounds pretty obvious really, so what exactly are we talking about…

Are we talking about the Product Innovator’s education or where they have been working since entering the work force? Well, no. The knowledge we are referring to is the their understanding of their product and end users. They need to have a clear understanding in their own mind about what it is people want and to shout it out with confidence.

In decades past we could imagine a group of successful businessmen sitting around a table at a coffee shop observing the youth of the day, formulating their next million-dollar idea. Well as we know those days are long gone! We are now in a very fast paced world where the barriers to identifying a market need and commercialization are much lower.

These changes have enabled our society and made it easier for Product Innovators to set the wheels in motion. As you can imagine it also means that a lot more people are doing it and this has resulted in greater competitor at the grass roots level.

When we speak to Product Innovators about their project we are very interested to hear the story. This is our opportunity to see how well thought-out their ideas are and how they have mapped out their end users. We have found that successful Product Innovators are either passionate users that are an accurate user representation or they are highly meticulous in their pursuit of studying and constantly learning about them.

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