What it takes to be a Product Innovator – Urgency!

Posted on 22/04/2016 by Daniel Roney

Urgency is the last of the three qualities that we have identified as critical in the make up of a Product Innovator. It follows Commitment and Knowledge however for us it’s certainly a must.

Through talking to innovators from all over the world it’s a quality that crosses all cultures and continents. Product Innovators are ready for action and they are focused and eager to progress their ideas as quickly as possible.

While others get caught up in the details they focus on the end goal and don’t stop until they reach the podium. They are willing to learn on the run and accept that the road to success is not all smooth and easy.

For Product Innovators they have a burning desire to be the first in the eyes of the market, taking the first mover advantage. The clock is ticking and they know that on any day a competitor may emerge and the commercial opportunity relating to their product changes forever!

The urgency that they apply to their innovation is not necessarily their approach to all things in life however it reflects their prioritization. They take it seriously, often provide direct feedback during discussions and when satisfied with what is put in front of them will move ahead with lightning speed. Catch me if you can!

We hope you have enjoyed our four-part series on what it takes to be a Product Innovator! For any questions or discussions about our findings reach out and get in touch with us.

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