Sidecar Dogs – take your best friend on a ride

Posted on 14/04/2014 by Chadanuch Pomankul

Sidecar Dogs

“hooooold on”, you might say now. What’s the deal with a documentary about sidecar dogs on a Product Design website.

What does motorcycling with dogs have in common with Product Design or Industrial Design. Nothing Really.

What about Product Development? Electronic Products? Or Prototyping. Or Manufacturing in China.

Nothing! It has nothing at all to do what we do here at DETEKT Design.

But that’s not the point. So why do we present a documentary about sidecar dogs on our blog?

Because we love that through crowd-funding, a project like a documentary about sidecar dogs can be realised.

Think about it – over the last decades whatever was designed, produced and manufactured tried to comply with the taste and interests of the majority.

If you want to produce for TV – you need to meet the taste and interests for majority. A documentary about sidecar dogs would’ve never received the necessary funding to make it! It would never be out there.

But now, it is! And the same is true with many other creative projects.

Through technology and a community like Kickstarter, creatives all over the world can look for like-minded people and ask them to sponsor their ideas. And fulfil their dreams.

Kickstarter has been a revolution for great ideas! Ideas that would’ve never seen daylight otherwise!

And we just love that!


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