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Posted on 29/09/2014 by Chadanuch Pomankul


A few weeks ago we posted about a new smart soap dish invented by Keith. But it’s not “smart” in the sense of including tons of electronics and sending messages to your smartphone. The Soapdish is “smart” as it’s a smart design and a smart idea in the first place that made it all happen.

Keith saw a problem many of us put up with on a daily basis without even realizing it. When you use a soap and a soap dish, you’ll end up having a soapy mess after just a few uses. When you place the soap back in the soap dish, water accumulates which leads to the soap becoming soft.

Keith saw a solution and DETEKT helped him to design and engineer it so that the product can be produced in big numbers.

And we’re proud to say – it’s here! The tooling is finished, packaging design is done! Now all what we need to do is to start the machines.

Keith will sell this first batch of soap dishes exclusively on Kickstarter. Simply click here and fund the project. You’ll be among the first users of the soap dish which comes in many sleek colours.

Now, you might think “what’s the big deal, it’s just a soap dish”.

If you think that you’d be mistaken. You haven’t met Keith’s and DETEKT’s obsession to details! And if you think a soapdish is a simple product, here are just a few requirements we came up with during the Product Development process. No wonder, this product took years to make perfect! During the process, we drove our designers, engineers and the factory nuts.

Our perfect soap dish had to:

  • Drain water and allow the soap to dry. We therefore used a pitched floor to chute and raised ribs to hold the soap in place.
  • Must be easy to clean. It was designed to include a top tray that is dishwasher safe. The material we sourced for that even had to be imported from the U.S. as it wasn’t available in China.
  • Must be able to be used at a raised rim sink or at the edge of a bathtub as well as on flat surfaces. We therefore used adjustable legs
  • Must not leave marks or stains on expensive bathroom surfaces. We therefore chose silicone feet that protects expensive surfaces.
  • Colours must match a variety of bathroom styles. We studied thousands of bathroom products from fixtures to sinks and tiles to come up with a colour range that fits all scenarios.
  • Durable and rust proof

Now, find it out yourself. The soap dish is available on Kickstarter and starts at just USD 20 including shipping within the U.S.


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