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Posted on 20/07/2011 by Chadanuch Pomankul

There have been dramatic changes in our perception and demands to a product today compared to a few decades ago. In the 1960s people were happy to have a car that brought them from A to B without breaking down too often on the way. The quality, according to today’s standards, was dreadful. Then came the Japanese who introduced superior quality, which taught everyone a lesson. They invented processes such as Quality Function Deployment (QFD) and also implemented practices from abroad such at Total Quality Management (TQM). Today, we expect the best quality and safety from products.

The same has happened to industrial design. Not long ago design for products like computers or mobile phone was pretty much non-existent. Phones resembled an ugly brick. And computers had the same styling and appeal as an old Soviet concrete housing block.

One of the first companies that took industrial product design seriously was the German company Braun. The chief Designer, Dieter Rams, identified 10 aspects of good industrial design that everyone can follow.

Good design should be:

–       An innovative product

–       Makes a product useful

–       An aesthetic product

–       Makes a product understandable

–       Is unobtrusive design

–       Is honest design

–       Is long-lasting design

–       Is environmentally friendly design

–       Is as little design as possible

With his legendary products Rams invented a new chapter in industrial design, as we know it today. According to Rams, only one company is following these standards today – Apple (he hasn’t heard of DETEKT Design yet). Apple with its’ products – the iPhone, iPod and Mac redefined our attitude towards design. Computers were simply ugly, until the Apple introduced the iMac. A stunning, beautiful computer that showed everyone how a computer had to look!.

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